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Chapter 2

This story is a fanfic base off HetaOni. OOCness happens often. The story line will NOT be exactly like the original because I was too chicken to watch the rest of HetaOni and my feels broke a lot

The lights in the house continued to flicker on and off as the five girls walked in a bunch. Nothing out of the ordinary happened; the house stayed perfectly still. The sounds of footsteps never happened again, so it left the house in silence.
Doors were on each side of the walls, surrounding them. Each time they saw a door one of them would try to open it, and, like the front door, they were locked. Eeriness consumed the area as they continued to move, and the coldness of the house made chills go down their spines. No sound came out of them, as they thought if they made one sound whatever they heard might come after them.
It was only when Jiayang’s phone buzzed did the silence break.
“Is it Silvia?” Anita asked, hand in pocket, covering the ribbon. She hadn’t told anyone about it, she thought she should keep it as a secret for now.
“Yeah,” Jiayang said, then read the text aloud:

Hey just wanted
To check in on
You guys. Find
- Silvia

“What should I tell her?” Jiayang asked.
“Just say nothing yet,” Cora whispered.
Lea turned. “Should we tell her about the door? She may be able to help us out.”
Cora thought for a second then shook her head. “We should investigate this place for now, and, if it gets extreme, then we should call her.
Jiayang nodded as she texted Silvia back, then put the phone in her pocket. “Shall we keep going?”
The others nodded, then examined the area. It was a long corridor that looked like it could go on forever, with countless rooms. All probably being locked.
“We should just go a bit further then turn back? Sound good?” Lena asked and turned to the four.
The five shuffled forward. The floor beneath them began to creak, which made a terrible sound. No matter how quiet they were, it still made an annoying sound.
It had been at least an hour since they entered the house, and it was probably dark outside. Time seemed to go slower as the advanced, like the house’s time went slower, as if time was being held back. . .
You guys, this door is unlocked!” Anita cheered as she opened the door she was talking about.
The girls took a breath in relief. They thought they’d never find a door unlocked, so the girls quickly rushed inside.
The room the walked in was a dinning room, which looked to be connected to the living room, something they never saw.
The girls spread out and looked around. They made sure not to leave the room alone for fear something bad would happen. The room was simple, nothing special, or strange.
Lea, Anita, and Cora looked around the dinning room while Jiayang and Lena looked in the living room.
As Lena looked, she saw a gleaming in the corner of her eye. When she looked down she saw broken plate shards. She bent down and looked at the pieces. They were pure China- beautiful and shinny. They were sharp along the edges since they were broken.
Maybe I can use this. . . She thought, and put some of the pieces in a small pocket she had.
She stood up and dusted her white dress, and continued to look around.
Another hour past and the next thing they knew, they were sitting on the couches in the living room. They hadn’t found anything that would be good to bring back. Nothing. They didn’t talk to each other, they were all deep in thoughts to talk. Most of them had there thoughts about the footsteps and if they should keep going or not. Anita kept her thought on the ribbon.
Finally, after a long wait, Lea stood up. She crossed her arms and looked at the girls, checking and observing the looks on their faces.
“I think it’s best we head back and check the front door again,” said Lea, calmly. “Do you guys agree?”
Everyone nodded, except Anita.
“You still want to look around Anita?” Lea asked. “It’s almost dark, and we should be heading back before our dads start flipping out.”
“Can’t we just check one more room?” She asked as she clenched the ribbon. “This house is so interesting.”
Lea shook her head. “I think its time to go. Come one Anita.”
She sighed. “Finnnnnnnnnne.”
“Okay. I bet when we tried to open the front door we weren’t trying. So if we-”
Their heads turned. The door they had entered to get into the room was shut. And none of them had closed it.
“Must be a draft. . . .” Cora laughed nervously.
“Right,” Lea agreed quickly. “Come on guys.”
The girls stood, and scurried as Lea ran to the door. She grabbed the doorknob and pulled. And pulled. And pulled. And pushed. And shoved. And shook.
“You’re kidding me!” Lea exclaimed and kicked the door.
“It’s locked?” Jiayang asked worriedly.
Lea nodded. “Yeah! But how?! When we got in here there wasn’t’ a lock on the door!” she hollered, then quieted down. “How did this happen?”
They exchanged looks.
“How is this possible?” Cora asked, and scratched her head.
“I don’t like this. . .” Lena said from behind Jiayang.
“Me either,” Anita said. “Now we know we can’t go back . . . “ Even though she was the one who wanted to stay, she wanted to leave right away.
Cora was about to say something when the sound of a lock being turned interrupted her. Lea smiled as she turned to try opening the door, but it still wasn’t opening. Cora and Anita tried to help Lea, but it didn’t work.
“Guys . . . Was that door always there?” Jiayang asked with terrible fear in her voice.
“Of course it was.” Cora said. “We came through it.”
“I don’t think she was talking about that door . . .” Lena chimed, and lifted a shaky finger to point to across the two rooms, directly ahead.
Anita gasped. “Wait . . .This door was the only door. . . when did. . . “
They all froze. Across the room was a large, brown door, that had never been there before.
What was happening to them? This wasn’t anything close to ordinary. Doors locking, others appearing. What was going on?!
“Cover me, Lea,” Cora said and began to walk slowly to the door. Lea nodded and followed slowly.
“What are you doing Cora?” Lena worried.
“If I’m correct then. . .” She looked straight. “Stay there.”
Cora walked to the door, Lea behind. When she reached it, she put her hand on the doorknob. She was hesitant, at first, but after taking a breath she turned the knob and pushed it open. She stood, waiting for something to pop out but, thank you luck, nothing did. She nodded at Lea, who returned a nod.
“Just as I thought,” she said. “This was the one that was unlocked. Come on guys, it’s alright.”
The three girls approached Lea and Cora quickly, and they all walked into the area. The place they were in wasn’t a room but a small hallway. There weren’t as many doors as the corridor; around five doors all together.
The girls went to each door, all checking the doors.  In the end, only two doors opened.
“Which one is right?” Lena asked cautiously.
“I don’t know. . .” Cora said, the snapped her fingers. “We need to split up.”
Jiayang gasped. “But what if. . .”
“There is a possible chance something might happen, and then there isn’t. We won’t know until we check.” Cora firmed.
Jiayang stood, uncertainly, then nodded.
“Alright. I’ll go with Anita, and you three go with each other. I have my phone so call or text me if you need us or find something. “ Cora commanded. “Good luck.”
They nodded, then, as calmly as possible, they separated.
Lena opened the door her team was going in, walked in, and waved to Anita and Cora.
Anita saluted her, opened the other door and walked in, Cora following.
Lea and Jiayang followed after Lena, as the eeriness began once again.
Lea gulped as she protected from the back, making sure nothing would come in their way. . .
Lea. . .  
“What was that Lena?” Lea asked.
“I didn’t say anything,” Lena said.
“Oh, then was that you Jia?”
Jiayang shook her head. “No one said anything.”
“Then who. . .”
Lea. . . Save us. . .  Lea. . . Help. . .
She gasped, realizing the voice and turned around. “Roger?!”
No one was there.
“Lea are you okay?” Lena asked.
“Yeah but didn’t you hear Roger just now?”
Lena looked at Jiayang, and the two shook their heads.
“It’s probably just the house getting to you,” Jiayang said. “And also since you miss Roger.”
Lea looked around, then put her hand on her head. “Yeah. . .  Probably. . .” She continued to walk forward.
I beg you. . . Please. . . Find us. . . Find. . . Me. . .
“Just the house, Lea. Just the house,” she gulped and edged forward, leading to only the beginning of their horror.
Chapter 2 DONE
Thank you ~Avenlie and ~ColombianTwat
OOOO so what will happen next??? *eyebrowiggle*
Chapter 3 will be Cora and Anita.
Chapter 3.5 will be the LPT

:iconmagda-lukasiewicz: as Italy
:iconlea-adelheid-zwingli: as Japan/Germany
:iconanita-vainamoinen: as Canada
:iconcora-karpusi: as America
:iconsilvia-jaramillo: as a secret~
:iconwang-jiayang: as ????

NEXT :devbluestrom369:
Lea ~roppiepop
Lena ~Avenlie
Anita ~GameME6
Cora ~AquaArtist532
Roger ~BlueStorm369
Jiayang ~MarikosShade
Silvia ~ColombianTwat
Hetalia Himuruya
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